Ceramic Goat "Matilda" - unique piece

The wonderful gardensculptures from Rosina Wachtmeisters' atelier!

Each piece of the Wachtmeister's atelier is unique. The shapes and colors of the products are a sign of handcrafted quality.
The Wachtmeister Team makes each piece in Italy with specific substances, which are both resistant to high and low temperatures.
The base of the goat is reinforced concrete, the mosaic of handmade ceramic. The horns are gold.
The goat "Nera" may also be used as a seat, it is weather-resistant and frost-proof up to minus 10 °C. However in winter, it is recommended to cover it.
Obviously, you can also expose it inside the house for a nice eye-catcher !

100% handcrafted product, made in Italy.

Please contact us for details concerning the delivery time (usually about 8 weeks)

Important information regarding the shipment and the delivery of this prodcust:

The shipping costs for the shipment tp Germany are € 150,-. Please contact us to get the shipping costs for shipment in other countries.

The delivery occurs to curbside


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